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Aamarshop is not just another eCommerce website, it automatically optimises your content for organic search. It has all you need to start, run and grow your business.

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Launching Aamarshops for restaurants in Bangladesh.

If you are looking for a digital solution to grow your F&B business, then aamarshops is the best solution for you!

Aamarpy brings you the best eCommerce enabled website. It's content optimisation technology, automatically optimises your business for organic search.

No credit card necessary. Get started for free.

Everything you need for a restaurant website
  • Custom domain

    Use a custom domain

  • Online menu

    Post your menu online

  • Coupons

    Post latest updates and offers

  • Events calendar

    Promote events

  • Photo gallery

    Add a slideshow gallery

  • Google Maps

    Automatic SEO

  • Traffic stats

    Built-in web traffic stats

  • Mobile design

    Mobile optimised

Salient Features of Aamarshop

a web based cms

Aamarshops offers a wide range of options based on your business category that help you to easily setup fast loading, stunning eCommerce website to attract more customers. You get complete control over your website via the web CMS. You can easily customize your brand color & logo, banners, header & footer and add latest business updates without any coding skill. You can also track the customer analytics, real-time via the CMS.


Aamarshops is built on 100% cloud native components, enabling it to scale-up to billions and scale-down to zero in real-time. The power of cloud enables your business solution to be truly global, enabling a unified experience for all your global customers.


Accept online payments easily through debit and credit cards. We have partnered with Aamarpay to provide secure card payment options for our store owners. Also if you have any other arrangement with any specific payment gateway we can help you to integrate it in your store.

automated seo

Aamarshops is designed keeping in mind that every business needs to grow online customer base organically. With Aamarshops we recommend you add new business update under the "Latest Updates" section of your website, and our auto-SEO module would use these updates to optimise your website for organic search. Aamarshops enables you to create new content regularly, while the technology converts into the most relevant web-structure.

track & analyse

Get real-time reports and track your sales every day. Confirm payment amounts and check for any discrepancies so that you can fix your next strategy and plan on how to increase sales by making informed decisions for future.

Straight forward pricing with no hidden charges

The unique serverless architecture of Aamarshop makes it affordable for businesses of all sizes.

  • Use custom domain
  • Mobile optimised Website
  • Online menu builder
  • Online Ordering/Payment
  • SEO Optimised
  • Table Reservation Inquiry
  • Latest News & Events
  • Customer Testimonial
  • Bult-in Contact Forms
  • Photo & Video Gallery
  • Weekly Performance Reports
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1000’s of business owners in Bangladesh can’t be wrong.

Aamarshop is the #1 choice for digital commerce in Bangladesh.

Businesses that use Aamarshops to power their digital business

The unique technology behind Aamarshop makes its the best for businesses. We understand that businesses do not need just an eCommerce website, they need a digital solution which helps them grow online customer base organically and also the experience is optimised for higher conversions. This makes Aamarshop the best solution available in the market. Also with Aamarshops you need not worry about scalability or load time. Aamarshop is built on 100% serverless backend - making it scale to billions and scale down to zero requests in real time.

Few customers who recently signed up with Aamarshops:

Frequently Asked Questions

With a robust customer support, and super easy-to-use admin interface, we don't get very many support requests. But before you sign up, you probably have a few questions. We have answered the ones we get the most on this page.

Please get in touch if you have any further questions

How is Aamarshop different from other website builders?

Unlike many generic, one-size-fits-all website builders, Aamarshop was built from the ground up specifically for businesses to be able to grow their digital business.

One of the key features is that the content you add on Aamarshop gets automatically optimised for organic search. This gives you complete control over your what type of customers you would like to attract for your business. The eCommerce experience is simple and clean, designed for faster task completion.

Aamarshop is made for busy people who want to update their menu specials on the fly, not deal with HTML and JavaScript. The website is hosted on serverless components of the cloud, enabling multiple layers of security, unparalleled bandwidth and blazing-fast speed.

Can I use my domain from Godaddy or with Aamarshop?

Yes. If you are using the 'Starter Pack' (Free edition), then you can either pay ৳1050 and buy-a-domain or map an existing domain to your Aamarshop website. If you are using the 'Growth Pack', you are by default eligble is to get a free domain in the package and also you can map your existing domain to the Aamarshop website.

Is Aamarshop as difficult to learn as Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, and other content management systems?

No. Unlike other content management systems, Aamarshop was built from scratch with the feedback of business owners like you. It's super easy to use, and doesn't require any previous experience.

We know you've already got enough on your plate; the last thing you want to deal with is another complicated CMS or website builder. Aamarshop lets you get started right away with a simple, intuitive interface that just makes sense.

Do businesses need a mobile-optimized website?

Mobile phones, including iPhones, Android-based devices, and Windows phones account for over half of business website pageviews, based on our own statistics across thousands of business websites over the past few years.

Customers use these devices to check hours, address information and phone numbers, along with product catalog and more. Businesses that still rely on Flash-based websites and un-optimized websites may be missing out on thousands of dollars in potential revenue from customers each month.

All Aamarshop websites are automatically optimized for mobile devices using responsive, HTML5 mobile designs that resize to fit browsers of all shapes and sizes. to take advantage of this free and valuable feature.

Are Aamarshop eCommerce websites search engine optimized?

Aamarshop is coded using the latest SEO best practices and validate to W3C standards for accessibility. Aamarshop has a AI based engine to automatically optimise the link structure of your website based on every new piece of content you add. So each time you add a blog or add a new product to your website - you are helping the engine to improve the searchability of your business. The businesses that use custom domains tend to rank first in searches on Google and Bing.

How important is it for my business to integrate social media elements into its website?

Social media is everywhere in modern society and is a valuable, yet free way to attract new customers and draw back old ones.

Using social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook allows you, the business owner, to stay close in touch with your most valuable resource— regulars.

  • Can customers make pay me through my website?

    A payment gateway is integrated by default with every website. From the very first day, your Aamarshop website is equipped to collect payments. The payments are powered by Aamarpay.

  • Can I use my business's existing logo for its website?

    Yes, you can upload your business logo image for use in the header or sidebar of your website.

  • What will the web address for my Aamarshop website be?

    If you are using the 'Starter Pack' (free edition) you will get a sub-domain on You can easily purchase a domain add-on from us for just ৳1050

    If you using the 'Growth Pack', you get a new domain in the package or you can also map an existing domain that you already own.

  • Do I need to install any special software in order to build my website?

    No, Aamarshop doesn't require any software downloads or installation. All you need to run Aamarshop is a modern web browser and an internet connection.

  • How can customers place orders online through my website?

    Aamarshop is powered by Aamarpay to enable online ordering. It comes integrated by default.

  • I run a small business. Can I use Aamarshop?

    Yes, Aamarshop is available for all business sizes including a home run business, a neighbourhood store, diner, cafes, bars and taverns, hotels, food carts/trucks etc etc.

    We solve the basic need for every business - help you get more customers!

  • How long has Aamarshop been around?

    Aamarshop is a completely owned subsidiary of Aamarpay. Aamarpay was founded in 14th April 2015 in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and is the payment system of choice for thousands of businesses in Bangladesh.